22 March 2011

Fashion by the Book

While I was exploring one of Brooklyn's pretty neighborhoods,
I found these on somebody's stoop:

I wasn't quite sure if the owner left these books free for the picking. I browsed but didn't take any because I didn't know if there existed a book-taking etiquette.

Wherever you are, there are books that need new owners, and sometimes, new life. I'll show you how to turn your blah books into TADA! with a few ideas I found on-line.

Check out Academy-award winner Natalie Portman's bag:

image courtesy of the LA Times

It looks like she's carrying a book to
her Black Swan movie premiere.

It's actually a clutch!

image courtesy of Green Charm Press

Here's another title.

image courtesy of The Fashion Police.net

And two more.
All created by French designer,
image courtesy of Kate Spade.com

American designer Kate Spade
has some lovely versions, too.

If you want to turn your old, blah book into
a TADA! clutch, check out See Kate Sew's tutorial.


  1. ,,,i love to upcycle my books by sharing them with my local libraries, retirement homes, hospitals for staff and patients, doctor offices, etc.,,,i love your two ideas this week, books are a GREAT accessory both for the home and our wardrobes,,,happy spring!

  2. Wow I like that clutch that looks like a book, a wonderful idea.

  3. those fabric renditions of book covers are so cool! it makes such a unique clutch!


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