23 March 2011

Classic Tees

Giving old books a make-over...
that's the mission on my blog this week.

How many of your books are hanging out on a shelf {or worse,
sitting in a lonely box}, waiting for some attention?

Alright, I'm guilty, too.

I saw these awesome t-shirts.
They're sold at The Strand Bookstore:

The Classics as t-shirt designs.
What a great idea!

I'd like to turn my favorite books as a child into t-shirts like these. Or maybe make t-shirts for friends using their all-time favorite book! Maybe print them on iron-on transfer paper and apply them to a blank shirt with a hot iron. I haven't tried, though -- afraid of any intellectual property rights that I might step on.

Now, keeping your beloved tome close to you has a whole new meaning.

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