30 March 2011

Sweet Endings

Don't you enjoy it when food is displayed
in a pretty way? I believe that we eat
with our eyes first and what we see
helps tremendously in the whole
dining experience.

That's why I love it when a cake
is served on a cake stand.
It's not done all the time, but
when it is, it makes me smile.

I'm making a few cake stands
this week and just because there's
"cake" in the name, doesn't mean
it can't be used for other things.

Blah: single piece China (made in England & Japan)
that I found on separate trips at the
Salvation Army thrift shop.

Just attach them together with super glue...

TADA! A mini cake stand!

Use this to serve chocolates or biscuits -- the ones
that go well with after dinner coffee or tea.
I promise you, your guests will have
smiles on their faces!


  1. Hello!

    I really like you cake stand ideas, but have a question. The one today looks like you used some really nice china. Is there a way to remove the superglue so that it doesn't ruin the china or dishes used?


  2. OMG! Just found out your blog by total accident.
    Adding it to my favorites ASAP!
    LOVED it!
    Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Brazil!

  3. Hi JDaniels! Thanks for your comment :) I understand what you mean -- these pieces I got for $1 at the thrift store and later on, I might want to use them separately (not as a cake stand). Using a bit of hot glue/glue gun would be the best option. It's sturdy enough to hold pieces together but can be peeled off (make sure to use just a little)when you want to dismantle them.

  4. Thanks Claire! That makes a lot of sense. This might give me an excuse to go out and buy some eclectic china - just for the cake/party stands!


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