28 March 2011

Do It Yourself Cake Stands

Hey, hey, it's Monday!
I hope you're already starting the week
with a spring in your step.

I've seen a lot of these pretty D.I. Y. cake stands
in blogs and magazines:

I found them too irresistible, I had to
make some myself!

So I gathered up several pieces that
could potentially become a cute cake stand.
You'll see the many options all this week on my blog,
starting with this:

I got both the plate & the goblet at
a thrift store for $1.00 each.

Clean them well, then glue together
with some super glue.
Allow to dry for several hours.

TADA! A mini cake stand!

Instead of using it for food, use it for this:

A place to store your favorite accessories.

Here's another version:

The bowl is also from the thrift store and the
candle holder is from Ikea.

Glue together. Let dry.
And TADA! Another container for your baubles:

Super handy if you're a ring collector like me.

Put these on your dresser...they make your little
space look like a boutique. They act as a
fun alternative to this jewelry organizer too.

May you all have a productive week!


  1. I love your cake stands/pretty sparkalies stands! Lovely idea!

  2. So pretty! I'm always tempted to buy up cake stands whenever I see them in antique stores, but this is a much more sane option.

  3. Thanks Sooz and Alice -- they're fun to make!


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