15 March 2011

I've Got it Covered

Today, I have another blah to TADA! project
using printed tape:

I found this decorative packing tape at a Japanese goods store.
{There were many colors available and I controlled myself
by getting just this red one.}

blah: A generic notebook with a
sad, sad cover.

But nothing that tape cannot fix.
{I like that it can easily peel off if it wasn't
positioned correctly.}

TADA!: A useful notebook with a noteworthy cover!


  1. Your blog is kinda fabulous!!!!

  2. Oh HiLLjO, thank you! You made my day! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this! I want to buy tape like this immediately. I can only imagine all the things I'll cover with it : )

  4. Thanks for your comment Katie! I know, cute things like these are quite addicting! :)

  5. That is really clever! I actually liked the cover even more with one stripe of the original cover still visible ;) (3rd photo). But what you did is very, very nice, too! Hopefully this shop will ship internationally very soon :)

  6. Very cute. I've been eying the decorative tape for a while, but haven't purchased any yet. Good for you for getting just one roll! I don't think I could stop... :)

  7. I had one roll of this tape and wondered what I would do with it. I now have a covered notebook that says 'journal'. Thanks Claire for that idea. I like the notebook so much better now:)

  8. That is such a brilliant idea:) Love this post and wish you a great day

  9. Thanks so much ladies for all your inspiring comments! :)

  10. I love printed tape, I use it so much! I like the wide stuff you used, I want to find some like this.

    Just found your blog, it is pretty great :)

  11. Thanks mucho Julie! Happy tape hunting! :)

  12. omg! This is beyond genius! I need to do this.

    Just Better Together
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  13. Hi Justine! Thanks for your visit! :)


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