04 March 2011

Little Lantern Parade

Friday has arrived -- whoopee!

Do you remember this paper chain made
of toilet paper towel rolls?

I used it as a party decoration.
But I want to change its look for
the next party that I'm planning.

I'm bringing in more empty paper towel rolls
to accomplish my mission.
Aren't they so blah?

But look, they're now TADA!

I cut the roll in half. Painted them. Added
some paper tails & flowers, then finished off
with some string to attach to the paper chain.

Tada! Does this say "Party" or what?

Have a great weekend!


  1. ,,,"yes", indeed it says "party" a fun one at that and I want to be invited,,,oh happy weekend!,,,

  2. Thank you dear Rebecca! Have a festive weekend! :)

  3. OH MY!!! You made something cute and festive even better!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!

  4. What wonderful posts that I missed while I was away. What pretty recycleables you showcased, Claire:)Who says you can't 'decorate a party' for a few cents??

  5. I hope you're having a sunny, lively weekend Betty! Thanks always for your sweet notes! :)

  6. Thanks Annika! It's par-tey time! :)


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