17 March 2011

Pretty Jars

Thanks for stopping by again today!
This week, it's all about printed tape and how
I use these to transform blah to TADA!

I got this cheerful set of Japanese Washi tape

Even better, I got it at 50% off the original price.
Woot! Woot!

blah: an empty jam jar

TADA!: a vase with character

This is a fun & easy way to make old bottles
come back to life.


  1. Oh Claire now you have me scrambling for my jam jars:)
    Great ideas and so pretty.

  2. I like the dotted tape :)

    Just Better Together
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  3. Hello Betty! Jam jars are one of my favorite things to recycle. :)

    Hello Justine...hooray for dots! :)

    Thanks for visiting ladies!

  4. Great Idea.Can reuse those jars in the kitchen.

  5. Thanks Andhra -- yes, you can use this in so many ways :)


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