28 August 2012

A Bit of Blue & Gold

If you're a frequent visitor to my blog {thanks, by the way!}, you know that I like necklaces. Wearing necklaces can give some TADA! to an otherwise blah outfit.

Here's a necklace that I never wore.  
It's made of wooden beads.

I think it was too short and the shade of orange didn't complement the clothes in my closet. And you know what that means -- make-over time!

I'm adding a few more beads, also from another old necklace.

I've chosen to paint the beads in a royal blue, inspired by this, this and this. For easier handling, I used skewers to aid me in painting and drying the beads.

 I put several coats on all sides of the beads and let them dry.

Then, I strung them on invisible string and added 
gold beads as accents. 

 It's a little longer now because of the additional beads.

A whole new necklace, and all I paid for was paint!


  1. Great idea!The color blue you chose is gorgeous.. looks great with the gold too!

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm pretty happy with the results! :)


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