31 August 2012

Looks Like Candy

Hooray, we made it to Friday!

 Yesterday, I made this pastel-hued necklace from a
blah necklace of wooden beads. All I did was paint
the beads, and added a few plastic ones to 
create something TADA!

I had a few extra beads left, so here's what I did:

I strung them on a piece of wire, looping the
wire at the ends to prevent the beads from
slipping off and...

 ...to accommodate strips of ribbon that 
will act as the strap.

 TADA! Another necklace!

 They remind me of candy on a string.

The bow at the back adds an 
ultra-feminine touch.

May you have a colorful Labor Day weekend!


  1. i really like the black one! i like taking apart ugly jewellery and making it nice too!

  2. Thanks Rachael! We can officially call ourselves jewelry artists!
    Have a nice weekend. :)

  3. Claire, this reminds me of those candy necklaces:) Cute!

  4. I wish I could eat them, Betty! Tee-hee! Have a lovely weekend. :)


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