15 August 2012

Capturing Butterflies

Today, I've got another use for this blah produce sack:

It was once supermarket packaging for a family of shallots.

 Don't worry, they didn't leave an onion-y smell on the sack.

From blah, I present the TADA!:

Another fun way to wrap a present! 

The gift is still kept a mystery with
the use of blue tissue paper.

Butterfly confetti made its way inside for
extra pops of color.  

Secure the top with ribbon remnants and
a fantastic greeting.

When wrapping gifts, what non-traditional
materials have you used? I want to know!


  1. Another fun idea, Claire. I imagine you with a well organized craft room. My computer room holds all my extra craft things. I seem to save too much although every once in awhile I clean out! I think the things I have used to wrap I have already seen here:) I am always happy when I see new ideas here!


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