20 August 2012

Painting with Polish

Hi ya' all! I hope your weekend was glorious!

Do you like nail polish? I wear it mostly on my toes during the spring and summer months for sandal and flip flop season. I only wear them on my nails for special occasions; I damage them quickly, I must admit. I'll have a dent in the polish even before I leave the salon, and I have yet to master how to professionally apply them myself.

I have a small number of bottles, tucked away in a cosmetic pouch in the bathroom cabinet. By no means do I have a collection this big: 

via the glitter guide
And this isn't in a nail salon. It's found in someone's home! Pretty neat, huh?  

Because I don't wear polish all that often, the bottles I have look like they're brand new, even if I've had them for years. Some sources say, the shelf life of nail polish is one to two years. Other say they don't expire at all.

Personally, I think I have to get rid of some of mine. Some have separated, and the others have gone beyond their second birthday. I know you can see it coming -- a little blah to TADA! is in order.

Just like the old lipsticks from a few posts back, I'll try using them as a painting medium on stretched canvas.

Abstract art using blues and purple...TADA!

A few sweet dots in pinks, peaches and red...TADA!

Do this project outdoors since the polish can have a strong odor. Allow to dry {also outdoors} for a few days before adding a frame and displaying your handiwork.


  1. I don't usually use nail polish.

    When I do it's usually the clear kind.

    But some people don't know and offer me Nail Polish from time to time, that I share with my bright and colorful nailed teenagers from Sunday School.

    I would never come up with this idea of using it for Art projects. Great Idea, Claire. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you Teresa for this lovely note on a Monday morning :)
      I wish you a wonderful week!

  2. Ahh Claire, I didn't see this one coming..nail polish you say?? Well why not, my mind is whirling with the possibilities and a great craft to share with some young'uns.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi Betty, I always love your little notes! Hugs dear! :)


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