10 August 2012

Wear Some Candy

I hope you enjoyed my rundown of Project Runway's fashion made out of unconventional materials.

Today, I'm featuring the current season's unique shopping trip.

via lifetime.com
The contestants went to Dylan's Candy Bar, owned by Ralph Lauren's daughter. Similar to previous challenges, they would be judged on craftsmanship and creativity in incorporating candy into their designs.

This dress was declared the winner:

via buddytv.com
A cocktail number made to look like stained glass. The colors are made of crushed candy glued on to a cloth structure.

via mylifetime.com

It's a creation of Ven Budhu, one of the most talented designers this season.

via fredflare
This turquoise dress came in second. Notice the intricate details at the front and back of the dress?

via lifetime.com
It's Sonjia William's handiwork.

via nymag.com
The dress has a collar made of gummi sharks, the bodice is filled with jelly beans, rock candy, and foil-wrapped chocolates.

Just like candy, don't these looks make you happy? Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!

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