22 August 2012

Pearly Shell

Happy Wednesday! Before we get into detail with today's blah to TADA! transformation, let me show your a few photos for interior inspiration:

via the neo-traditionalist

via the neo-traditonalist

via the glitter guide

via the glitter guide

via the glitter guide
Notice the little bowls in each photo? Whether these are new purchases or flea market finds, they make adorable decorative pieces that function as a catch-all for keys, paper clips or jewelry. 

I feel I need a bowl just like those in the pictures. I also feel the need to craft! And  let's throw in some recycling, too.

I'm phasing out some of the blah nail polish I have, in favor of more safe and eco-friendly ones. I'll reuse these as paint for this glass bowl that's looking a little blah:

 {Look for glass bowls at garage sales or thrift stores.}

When painting with polish, it's better to work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area because the scent can be quite overwhelming. Don't forget to cover your work surface with newspaper.

Work with a clean and dry glass bowl, and liberally pour in the polish.

Swirl the bowl to evenly distribute color. Use two or three coats {allow polish to dry in between coats}. You can combine two shades of similar colors or try contrasting colors, too.

I love the pearlized finish provided by the polish!
Allow this to dry and air out for a few days
{ideally outdoors}.

 Once dry, use it for decoration.

And for storage as well. 


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