06 August 2012

Alternative Fashion

Do you watch reality TV shows? I like them a lot! 

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I prefer the exhibit-your-ability types like Project Runway because it gives you a peek at how the fashion industry works. It's focused on design, but lately, they've infused hints of its business side like production and pricing, making you say, "I never knew that."

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The season starts with a bunch of unknown fashion designers {some are established, while some are just starting out}. 

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It's set in New York City where the contestants gather inspiration, shop for materials, sew their garments, show off their designs, and yes, they all live together in an apartment. 

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In every episode, they are presented a challenge {ex. make a red carpet look} and end with a fashion show. The winner gets immunity from elimination in the next challenge, and the loser gets kicked off. The cast gets whittled down to the top three designers who show a collection at Fashion Week {every fashion designer's dream!}. The winner, aside from bragging rights, gets prize money to start their own line, plus a few more goodies to help their fashionista dreams come true.

One of my favorite challenges is the "unconventional challenge". Instead of buying their materials at a fabric store, they are brought to places like the supermarket where they must shop for items that they have to transform into a dress. Totally, blah to TADA!

All this week, I'll show you the weird places where the contestants have shopped, and the creative looks that were produced.

Okay, let's start with the supermarket. One designer bought a gazillion ears of corn to make this:

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 blah: corn husks
TADA!: cocktail dress

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 On the runway, it's an eye-catching frock.

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The mastermind behind the dress, Austin Scarlett.

See you back tomorrow!


  1. I just love Project Runway! TIm Gunn is my hero!

  2. Hi Candace! Hooray for Project Runway! :)


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