07 August 2012

Sexy Sack

"It looks like she's wearing a sack," isn't exactly the best of compliments. Except for today.

via Kole Imports
A Project Runway contestant once used this plaid laundry bag as the main material for a dress. It was called the "unconventional challenge", where the contestants shopped at a New York City dollar store.

If you're not familiar with this bag, it's used to schlep all sorts of things like produce sold at the farmer's market. They are sturdy, water repellent, light and easy to fold when it's time to store them.  

Who would ever guess its potential as a dress:

via nymag.com
The fringe was made out of Halloween tinsel.

via nymag.com
 Here's a full view -- isn't it so chic and well-tailored?

via realitytvmagazinesheknows.com
Rami Kashou, an expert at draping, created this dress.  I think it's one of the most memorable dresses made on the show. Have a nice day!

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