17 August 2012

Homemade Gift Wrapper

A Happy Friday to all of you out there!

Today's blah are these plain tissue paper. Oh, you've encountered them before, as a secret layer inside a gift box or to secure things you've bought, tucked inside a shopping bag. 

Sure, it's easy to throw them away without guilt {they're paper!}. You know me all too well to know that I keep them. Because they've lived a smug life inside boxes and bags, it doesn't mean we can't show them off. 

Add a little paint to make it TADA! 

Play around with patterns and color. 

When the paint dries, used it as gift wrapping paper. 

Personalize it with more paper and paint. 

 Remember the bubble art we made a few weeks ago?

We can turn it into gift wrap, too. 

Top it off with a flower also crafted from the same paper.

If you want to avoid spending on gift wrap, 
rescue some paper at the same time, and
add a unique touch to packages, this might
just work for you!

Have a sunny weekend!


  1. This makes me smile, Claire! I save all these papers as well and reuse, but I haven't given them the paint job. Another tip to store away in my 'crafty mind':)
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Betty! Have a spectacular weekend, too :)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Candace! :)

  4. I had some brown paper and was going to try this paint job on it but ran out of time so just crunched up the paper so it was all crunchy looking and wrapped the gift with that, then tied it with twine. Hubby called it a 'bush look'..and that I needed to add twigs:)

  5. I love to hear about your gift wrapping/crafting stories, Betty! I like that your husband has some creative inputs, too. ;-)


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