09 August 2012

Floral, literally

Project Runway is one of my favorite TV shows, because it demonstrates the skill of designers working on limitations like time, budget, and materials. You see, cloth is not always the material du jour. Some challenges require them to shop at non-traditional stores like the supermarket, the pet shop, a recycling center, and even the flower shop. 

The resulting looks can sometimes be blah, but many turn out to be TADA!:

via bravoTV
This one's made of orchid blossoms and leaves!

via bravoTV
It enhances the model's figure and doesn't weigh her down.

via theslapdashsewist
It's the handiwork of Daniel Vosovic, who also designed this dress for the show, inspired by a photo of a flower.

via smilingldsgirl
Here are the other dresses fashioned from leaves, buds, and moss.
If you saw a lady walk into a party dressed like this,
what would you think?

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