29 August 2012

Red Dots

Recycling old things into jewelry is one of 
my favorite hobbies.

Today, I'll use this:

An old t-shirt

And these:

A bunch of bottle caps

...To create a fun necklace.
Here's what we need to do:

Cut out some circles from the t-shirt {I made 16}. The circles should be twice the size of the bottle caps' circumference. 

We'll wrap the bottle cap inside the cloth circle, a technique we've used here and here. Make a running stitch on the edge of the circle, pull the thread lightly so the edges gather up. Put in the bottle cap inside the "pouch" and pull the thread tightly. Finish with a knot. Repeat to cover all 16 circles.

Play around with how you want to configure the circles.

 Once you've decided, sew the back side of the 
covered caps together.

Here's what they look like sewn together. 

Sew on a chain with clasp and TADA!,
a handmade necklace!  

Keep it plain...

Or add some buttons, pins or brooches
to dress it up. 

It's an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to a plain look.

Have a nice day!

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