21 August 2012

Marbled Jars

Today's blah to TADA! project is inspired by these jars I spotted at Anthropologie several months ago:

These jam jars were part of the store display, as if to mimic the sorbet colors of their spring collection.

They're just ordinary mason jars with a marbled effect created by different hues of paint. 

Well, I'm on a mission to reuse my bottles of nail polish that are waaaay past their prime. Did you know that nail polish are considered hazardous waste? You just can't throw them in the trash or in the drain; doing so is harmful to the environment. You can do this, or use them for crafty pursuits.

We'll make our own marbled jar using polish instead of paint:

blah: old bottles of polish and a clean & dry jam jar 

Work outdoors and cover your space with newspaper.

Randomly pour the polish into the jar. 

Use as many colors as you want {I stopped at three}.
You can allow the first polish to dry before 
adding the next for more defined colors.  

Swirl the jar so that all the walls are covered in color.

 Leave to dry outdoors for a few days 
{this also helps get rid of the strong polish scent}.

TADA! A marbled jar!
Notice that each side has formed a unique pattern
with a high gloss finish.

Use it to hold favorite supplies like pencils or make-up brushes. Please make sure to keep this jar away from flame {nail polish is highly flammable} and food products.


  1. cute idea. Now what are you going to do with the old nail polish bottles??

    1. Thanks Diane! Stay tuned -- I've have a few ideas up my sleeve for the bottles :)


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