03 August 2012

Tinted Bubbles

Hooray and Happy Friday!
Today's idea is something I picked up from Pinterest.
I found it so cool, I had to try it myself.

 We'll use bubble liquid and food color 
to make a patterned page.

Put a small amount of water into a blah, recycled cup and add several drops of food color. Add some bubble liquid and stir well.

Use this solution plus a bubble wand to blow some bubbles. The bubbles should land on the sheet of paper you've placed in front of you.  

When the bubbles pop, they'll make patterns on the paper. It's okay if the bubble-paint solution drips on the page.

Let me warn you that this craft can be messy. We really can't control where the bubbles go.  Some bubbles landed on my white wall -- but nothing that a water-filled spray bottle can't fix.

Once dry, this is what happens. TADA!

Next time, I'll try using a bubble gun and be less stingy with the food color for darker and more defined bubbles.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

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