01 August 2012

A Watercolor Evening

As I've mentioned before, I associate summer with learning something new. When I was little, I'd go to art or dance class during my months off from school. It kept me active, involved, and social. I don't see why we have to stop learning a new skill even if we're all grown up, right?

So one evening, I attended a watercolor class. 

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I've always wished I could create watercolor pieces just like this one. I guess with anything, I'll get there with lots of practice. But I've got to begin with baby steps.

We were a class of 6 women. Our teacher, Tina, established a relaxed vibe as she showed us step-by-step what to do.

First the materials:

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She recommends using good quality watercolor paper like Arches. The paper one uses highly affects the outcome.

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I used these watercolors that I've had for many years. Maybe I'll upgrade to watercolor tubes and a nicer paintbrush.

The first step is to wet the page using a damp foam brush {notice that we used blah yogurt containers to hold our water}.

Then add a generous amount of your chosen color {I was in the mood for reds and oranges}. I let the paint bleed and drip, following Tina's instructions to, "Let the paint tell you what it wants to do."

Then she encouraged us to add texture to the paint by using salt, colored tissue paper, bubble wrap, tulle, string or other blah materials that are available. Apply these in different stages as the paint dries.

Here's what I did:

It may remind you of a tie-dye t-shirt because of the color gradients and the white spots created by the salt {a technique I find really fascinating}.

It's my piece of abstract art -- a TADA! souvenir from a relaxing evening, and a reminder of the many things I can create with watercolor.

If you've got other TADA! tips for a watercolor novice like me, please share!

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